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Cracking SAT – Enhance your ability to crack SAT leveraging our Pedigree Tutors on our best in class Live Interactive Platform

About the Course

Cracking SAT– Enhance your ability to crack SAT leveraging our Pedigree Tutors on our best in class Live Interactive Platform

Pedigree Tutors – Carve out the best path to your SAT success with our best in class pedigree tutors mentored by the best in America

Practice Tests – Rich Bank of over 5000 questions to bring you a plethora of knowledge and a learning management system to help you. Automated score assessments and visibility to Student, Parent and Tutor for improvement engineering.

Digital Live Video Interactive Program – Tutoring model envisages online interactive video conference with Tutor and relevant white boarding. Once a-month interactive sessions for Parents

Rich analytics to demonstrate progressions of student over time

Active Learning Management System to enable view of session recordings

Any Device Any Where Practice – Practice tests can be accessed on line in Demand

Compelling Course Content

Course content developed by Tutors based in US and with several years of prep teaching expertise. Teacher ranking system inbuilt to ensure that the best tutor enables sessions. Livetutore Edu strategy focuses on the why part of a solution and enables a focus on a goal of achieving the best understanding of the SAT syllabus and hence the best scores in SAT

Score Enhancing

Score enhancement is a function of effective usage of time and a razor-sharp focus on solution evolution within time constraints. Our tutors will precisely enable good practices around these.

Course Plans

We offer regular monthly coaching from the 7th Grade and also offers a crash course in summer. Details available on enrollment. Our first session with our tutor is free.

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